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Diaz: Don’t Clean Up This Blood

Ambati, July 21, 2001, the last day of the G8 summit held in Genoa, just before midnight, more than 300 law enforcement agents stormed the Diaz school building. They were led by Unit 7 followed by Digos agents and the mobile unit, while the carabinieri surrounded the building.

It was called “night volunteers” because of the massive presence of most of the police units. As Commander Fournier described as a “Mexican butchery”, 93 people were beaten and arrested despite not opposed any resistance. Most of them were young, sleeping journalists being accommodated there.

Later, authorities said in a press conference that 63 of the Judicial Police completed medical certificates made reference to previous illnesses and the police action was based on the Black Bloc activists suspected presence in the school building. In fact, after being subjected to additional suffering in the hospital, fifty of those arrested have been through terrible torture in police stations in Bolzaneto.

The film is a docudrama that reconstructs the facts as they occurred and returned the terrible truth.

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