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Die Unsichtbare

The film accompanies young actress Fine along the evolution of a difficult role. Surprisingly, the renowned theater director Kaspar Friedmann young assigns the lead role in the latest play by. His Fine not believe it how lucky was, but the contrast between actress and character can not be higher: on the one hand Fine the erased, on the other character Camille, who, after being humiliated, raped and tried to commit suicide, it turns into a vamp who kills men. When Fine starts to deepen increasingly more in character, the boundaries between play and reality become fluid. A film critical of a world of self-love theater and also an invocation of the healing force of love.

Dagmar Manzel plays a mother overtaken by events of Fine wins German Film Prize for the role. Ulrich Menzel and Noethen were distinguished for roles in “Premiere” and German for Acting Awards 2012 in the category secondary role.

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