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Dirty Little Trick

Bachelor innocent Michael Anderson was driving through the desert and so he meets Sarah. Autosopul was charming young woman, and he decided to stop and take her with him in the car. Her version is that boyfriend abandoned her there. Because says he has no money and no place to sleep, Michael invites her to his home. Late at night, seductive Sarah sneaks into his bed. In the morning, Michael breaks up with her at a gas station and believes it is the last time he sees her. But when he gets home, he finds the police there and find that it is charged with murder. Although it is too late, Michael will understand why it is never a good idea to take with you and May bring home someone you know absolutely nothing about whom nothing. Problems are just beginning for him because you take the next questions are gangsters who accused him of theft. The situation becomes dramatic when they kidnap his sister, announcing that it has 24 hours to find it on Sarah and return the stolen money.

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