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To escape the commotion caused last heist, Popeye and his group of thieves went to Macau for a new burst. But the brains behind this new robbery is none other than Popeye’s old partner, Macau Park, which dropped to 68 kilograms of gold now some years ago at their last robbery together. Macau Park has a team of thieves Chinese, but none really knows what plans does the Macau Park for each of them. His plan takes an unexpected turn when Popeye brings Pepsi, a genius in cracking safes. The target is a diamond of 20 million dollars known as “Tear of the Sun”, kept safe in a casino, brought there to be sold by a Chinese. While working together to steal the legendary diamond, each has his own plan to keep the diamond for himself. But who will succeed and live to see the sunrise …?

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