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Irrational Man

Written and directed by Woody Allen film “In the absence of reason” is the story of a professor of philosophy doubtful that finds its appetite for life after committing an existential act. The film is distributed by Freeman Entertainment and premieres in theaters in the country on August 28.

Shortly after college job as a teacher in a small town, Abe knows two women: Rita Richards (ParkerPosey), a teacher depressed because of a failed marriage seeking happiness in his arms and Jill Pollard (EmmaStone) the best student and friend’s.

Although adored his girlfriend, Jill is fascinated by eccentric past and Abe’s artistic personality. His increasingly frequent mental imbalances do nothing to conquer hottest young.

The fate of the two changes when, by chance, hear the conversation of strangers. Then the man takes a radical decision that makes him enjoy life again. But the choice triggers a series of events that will affect both Jill and Rita.

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