American territory in the future is endless desert. On the East Coast, from Boston and Washington DC By stretching Mega City One, a huge metropolis dominated by violence, where live more than 400 million people in perpetual fear.

The only ones trying to make order in this urban chaos are nicknamed the judges. They represent the whole system: lawmen, jurors, judges and executioners. Best of Judges is Dredd, which gives him a mission supreme judge. He must test a rookie Judge, Cassandra Anderson, who has telepathic powers. It must be that a day of instruction.

Judges are on the way to where the murder took place in Peach Trees, a 200-storey skyscraper mafia clan led by Ma-Ma’s. When two judges tried to arrest the people of Ma-Ma, the judges ordered the closure of the building and are caught in a trap of terror, with gangsters in their footsteps. It is now turning into a struggle for survival.

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