Australia, 1970 Kelly brothers, Andy (28) and Jimmy (22) have one passion: to conquer the highest waves. When they were children, their mother left Sydney to Margaret River, a quiet town on the coast, with some of the most difficult and dangerous waves. In the next 12 years, the two surfers improve their skills, constantly searching for the perfect wave.

Jimmy is a gifted surfer and innovative, but turns to a life of crime, to his family out of debt. Andy takes an important decision. Cancel the job and bet on Jimmy’s inventions and their own skills in the business world and launching a business ‘garage’ for surf equipment. They re-invented for board design, made suits for swimming and sell their goods in a van. Encouraged by their new friends, bohemian surf photographer and filmmaker, JB (Sam Worthington) and his beautiful girlfriend Hawaiian Surfer Lani, who conquers the hearts of two brothers, together they seek ways to expand.

After messing with a local drug dealer, everything seems to have done ruin … movies in breathtaking locations and inspired by a true story, about the legends of Australian surf moguls, the film follows the rise of brands surf industry’s attitude relaxed style of life and global expansion. A story of passion and corruption, friendship and loyalty, dependent deadly and broken relationships, ‘Drift’ tells the story of courage and the will to survive.

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