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Elephant White

Cutie Church is employed by the son of a head of a major gang in Bangkok to detonate an explosive package on the scale of several members of a rival gang. Then he calls and invent a story about an alleged daughter and pays to find a girl who – they say – was kidnapped, drugged and forced into prostitution.
Start a war with the alleged kidnappers of the girl, and for this Court to call an old friend, Jimmy, is a “protected” the gang that follows. It is helped by a young woman (Mae) who tries to convince him that he alone can not change the cruel world of drugs, prostitution and human trafficking in Bangkok.
Court seeks Mae was a help to escape from that place, turning to Jimmy. Finding her daughter alleged mob Court agrees to eliminate the gang leader and his right hand, believing that this city and it will be quieter, more at peace, but things do not go as they should.

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