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Only 13 minutes lacked carpenter Georg Elser to change the course of history of mankind. On November 9, 1939 he placed a bomb behind his desk Adolf Hitler during a speech from a brewery in Munich. But the Führer left the building faster than had and survived the incident that would have put an end probably of the Second World War. Oliver Hirschbiegel (who also recreated and last days of the Nazi Der Untergang dictator) brings to light the background of this act of heroism, reaching Georg’s childhood places in the Swabian Alps. The film reconstructs the social and political context before 1933, when the National Socialist mentality take root and Elser’s native community, poisoning the minds of residents. Central to the story is the relationship between Arthur Nebe and Elser, chief inspector of the Main Security Office of the German Reich, which was commissioned by the Gestapo to unmask the suspects behind the plot. Memories of his great love, Elsa, which had not divulged his plans, will help the Georg Elser find the strength to keep courage, morality and dignity even in the face of death.

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