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An unknown attacks one of the CIA’s offices, located in the basement of a European hotel Bruxeles, Belgium, attack and kill all the agents and guards are in basement rooms after stealing a special device in the custody amounted C18 BV office. After it was expected blow out the other individuals who take the device and give it an individual, a certain Derek Cohler, which seems to be related to one of the employees of the central office operations of the CIA.

CIA agent researcher, Logan has problems with the organization he was working and discovers that all operational systems be removed from the agency’s office where he worked and everything is suddenly terminated missing. Operational research office at the Logan worked Bruxeles seemed that would not have existed. He goes with his daughter Amy, a young rebel who I was pleased to put his father in trouble at the company’s headquarters Halgate Group of Bruxeles and trying to talk about his problems with them, but it is with amazement that even not recognize its existence. Try using a telephone to show his contact their previous business with the company, but the phone and all his conversations had been deleted.

An armed man robs Logan and his daughter from a bank at gunpoint and tried to take them out of town. The kidnapper tried was a shoot Amy, but Logan kills it after the car they were in capsized. The accident is noticed by a police crew passed there by chance and the two are given in pursuit. Logan manages to get his hands on an envelope that was in Antwerp Central Station and begin its own investigation to elucidate the mystery. Amy is terrified that her father was not who he claimed to be and people start dying around her.

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