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Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close is a piece of a whole history occurred on 11 September 2001. Without insist very much on what happened then, Stephen Daldry’s film (known for The Hours, The Reader and Billy Elliot) focus the drama of Oskar Schell individual a boy of 9 years old, very smart for his age, who lost his father in the tragic events of the WTC. For Oskar’s world revolved around the father, he was like a sun for him. After death, Oskar’s world is changing, becoming darker, more painful because it hides some secrets that no grown man could not bear them alone.
To the boy of 9 years to start an exciting adventure, Stephen Daldry insisted to outline the close relationship between it and his father, played by Tom Hanks. Based on love, curiosity, challenge, courage and mystery, their relationship seems unique, while the boy’s mother has a small role, a role of observer. With family tragedy Schell is changing, becoming apathetic until one day Oskar finds a strange key and an envelope with the name Black. From this moment begins a unique adventure, an adventure that 9 year old boy trying to find everyone named Black in New York, to discover where the key fits and what message he left his father.
Oskar’s adventure takes on another dimension when a stranger, an old voiceless von Sydow played by approaching Max boy. The two have known the grandmother’s house, where the old man lives with rent and approaching each other. Soon the old man’s eyes read pain, Oskar discovers past mistakes and a grandfather that his eyes never knew.

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