Farewell Dinner

The most real friends are those who stand by in the darkest moments, because they are ready to face the shadows with you. And I’m together in the most beautiful moments because they are not afraid to see you shining.

But for everybody else it means.

For Pierre and Clotilde Lecour, a couple of intellectual Parisians, friends, especially those you have for a long time, are no longer what they were in the past. Life changes and everyone evolves in his own way. They find that they spend too much time, evenings, holidays with friends with whom they have nothing to divide.

And because there is an exciting fashion in the city, called the “farewell dinner”, created especially for this delicate situation of some “enlightened” minds, they decide to organize such an event for the friends they want to escape.

In short, at a farewell dinner, you overwhelm the guests with gifts, fine dishes, old wines, usually in the years they were born, stirring up the most beautiful memories of their good moments together, You have no remorse that you can not answer your phone.

But by choosing their oldest friend, Antoine Royer does not realize, for this charming ritual, that things can be totally crazy. A family-friendly evening with friends is about to turn into a domestic catastrophe of planetary dimensions and an irresistible comic.

In the well-known style of the writers Alexandre de la Patelliere and Matthieu Delaporte, those who have delighted our comedy “First Name” comedy, our characters have to face a series of devastating revelations and at least delicate revelations that their friendship has held Well hidden today. The result is the one expected. A rush of good mood and laughter about what really means friends and how to get rid of them.

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