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Fifty Shades Freed

The beginning of the film features the wedding of Christian and Anastasia and the blissful happiness of the two who feel that their life is just beginning and that nobody and nothing can break this link based on unconditional love. But as soon as the two return from the honeymoon and meet the reality of everyday life, she realizes she has to make enormous efforts to maintain a living and strong love in marriage. It is impossible for Christians to give up their need to control everything that surrounds them, and Anastasia feels the need to have a dose of freedom, which causes a series of conflicts between the two. But the relationship between the two is hard to put to the test and, in particular, the feelings of one another, when what should be the most beautiful thing to experience is in fact the most repulsive and most feared for Christian, because he feels things are getting out of control.

In this part of the resumption of Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), thrown after revenge, seeking to destroy the Christian by any means possible, bringing even to Anne’s life and Christian’s sister, Mia. We can also see Elena Lincoln, interpreted by no one other than Kim Basinger, in his final effort to seduce the Christian in his most vulnerable moment when he is questionable about feelings about his wife. We intrigue, overwhelming situations, a thriller of care promises to hold you to the mouth.

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