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The Five-Year Engagement

Tom Solomon declares everlasting love beautiful Violet Barnes and proposes to her at a restaurant in a romantic setting, organizing after an engagement party she’s invited the whole family, but the wedding is postponed year after year due to lack of time professional partners and because of the obstacles involved. Violet enroll in a program lasting two years at the University of Michigan, then get a promotion from her boss Winton Childs and is forced to move to another city, and formalize the relationship always remains in the background, desire to capitalize on career opportunities is stronger than the desire to start a family. Tensions in torque increase, even if feelings remain as strong and elderly constituents of the clan die before young fianc├ęs to finally put the noose. Pressured by parents to set a date for the wedding, Tom and Violet must clarify what they really want from life and set priorities for their wedding five years is too long a period for everyone.

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