Denzel Washington into his shoes Whip Whitaker, an airline pilot gifted and respected by colleagues and managers, the media and ordinary North Americans perceive him as a national hero after he ground to bring a camera one so seriously damaged that no other aviator would not have been able to recover.

Saving the lives of 98 of the 106 passengers on the plane carrying them damaged Whip earn their admiration, which is admitted to hospital every day surrounded by cohorts of journalists who want to interview or obtain a photo with him. When the aviation company calls for an inquiry to establish irrefutably the causes of the accident, including gaps emerge of professional conduct pilot Whitaker.

Divorced and estranged family Whip long wrestled with the demons of alcohol and if he would not have used prohibited substances on the night that preceded that fateful flight, the breakdown of the plane probably would have been discovered and corrected in a timely manner. Because medical tests indicate the presence of alcohol in the blood, Whip Whitaker wakes up transformed overnight from an acclaimed hero in a man we all rush to condemn and lawyer who needs to save his career and not He is sentenced to life imprisonment.

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