A grieving father experiences the absurd circumstances surrounding his son’s death, in this last critical reflection on Israeli director Samuel Maoz’s military culture. Michael and Dafna face terrible pain when army officials arrive in their house to announce the death of their son, Jonathan. Michael is becoming more and more frustrated by the excessive mourning of relatives and the bureaucratic encouragement of the bureaucrats. While his sedentary wife is resting, Michael turns around in a whirlwind of anger, only to experience later an enigmatic turn of life, a turn that can only be rivaled by the surrealist military experiences of his son. “Foxtrot” examines both the power and the absurdity of military service from many points of view. Moving from the troubled parents’ apartment to the remote military post where Jonathan was placed, the story shows how much destruction can occur when young soldiers, barely able to put their finger on the trigger, live privately and loneliness. Foxtrot (2017) is a powerful story about the war madness and its imminent consequences.

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