Game Night

Game Night (2018) follows three couples who have been invited to an atypical night of play, which involves solving the mystery of a crime, filled with aggressors and fake federal agents.

Organized as a thematic party that aims to elucidate the mystery of a crime, things derail quickly when, right at the beginning of the evening, Brooks, the host, is suddenly put to the ground, tied up and kidnapped by two armed masks. Believing that everything was just a configuration and part of their gaming experience, the group of six, led by Max and Annie, continues their efforts to solve the great mystery. However, what they enter is something far more dangerous and absurd than they seem to realize. But as the six competitive players decided to resolve the case and win, they begin to discover that this “game” and Brooks are not what they seem to be. During a chaotic night, friends are increasingly overtaken by events, each turn leading to another unexpected change. Without rules, no landmarks, and no idea what the players are all about, this may be the greatest fun they’ve ever had.

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