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Geek Charming

Geek Charming has centered spoiled teenager 16 years Dylan Shoenfield the most popular student in the final year of the Academy Woodlands whose sole purpose in life is to be crowned as Queen of the Ball Spring – the highest award for popularity.

When Dylan gets his bag to the expensive and elegant fountain at the mall, film geek Josh Rosen fond of salt in the water to retrieve it. Although Dylan would not normally be interacted with someone like Josh, she repays him by agreeing to be the subject of the documentary that he is preparing for a contest at school.

Following the advice of his teacher to address a difficult subject, aspiring young director wants to make a movie about the life of Dylan, a documentary about how to be popular and to participate in the competition for the prom queen crown. While Dylan hopes the film will help to seize the crown, Josh wants to win the grand prize – a scholarship in a Hollywood movie camp and prepare a scenario incendiary social hierarchy of high school.

Once the camera starts to shoot, Dylan gives up slowly to its glittering fa├žade and shows his true personality. As Josh get to know the real Dylan understands that his character has more qualities than previously thought.

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