Genghis: The Legend of the Ten

The film aims to convey a glimpse of the huge foundation Mongolian empire, the dreaded Genghis Khan – “inn khans,” the unification of Mongolian tribes historical context. Genghis Khan organized his army into a decimal system, the smallest division is “aravt” of – of 10 fighters. The key to success was discipline him Mongols and military courage, an example being the story of such a aravt. After defeating one of the tribes rival Mongol (Hulin), plague affected the troops of Genghis Khan. In these circumstances, the inn ordered aravt unit led by Tsahir to find him and bring him a great healer, who lived in the mountains on the territory conquered tribe. On their way, the 10 plundered find a camp, where only a baby had been left alive. Aravt’s members take the child with them, even if they hold the assignment. The child turns out to be the nephew of the captain tribe Hulin, so aravt the face including the parent’s child revenge, misdirected on them.

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