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The Great Ghost Rescue

Humphrey is a ghost horrible pleasant, friendly, quite different from his family appalling and disgusting His mother, a vixen; his father a Scot killed in combat in the Battle of Otterburn in which he lost both legs and was killed by a sword; his brother George, a noisy skull, and his sister, Winifred, a ghost covered with bloodstains. Their family was banished from his home and left without a place to haunt him because people have turned their castle into a resort. While traveling through England with their aunt Hortensia and their pet Shuk, meet the ghosts of everyone who were expelled from their old homes after their modernization by people. Norton Castle when I get to school, thinking it was an empty castle, I meet Rick, a young man who’s not afraid of ghosts. Rick plans to help solve the problem disappearing ghosts their homes.

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