Heal the Living

Réparer les vivants (2016) follows three seemingly unrelated stories that weave closely together: a French teenager and his friends on a sea trip ending with a tragedy, a woman in another city who finds that her weak heart begins to succumb and immediate action has to be taken, and two teams of doctors and medical experts who struggle daily to save lives. It all starts at dawn in a stormy sea with three young surfers. A French teenager leaves his girlfriend’s apartment and joins his friends on a seaside surf trip. A few hours later, on the way back, there is an accident. Now connected to devices in a Havre hospital, Simon’s life is nothing more than an illusion, and his parents must quickly make a difficult decision about possible organ donation. Meanwhile, in Paris, a woman is waiting for a transplant that can extend her life. All the stories are meant to intersect, but not before being driven through a series of intense and balanced moments with care, where people are forced to face unexpected situations, emotional pain and deep self-reflection. Finally, “Réparer les vivants” is a passionate story about personal connection, which philosophically and spiritually tests the depths of the human heart, transforming it into a deeply emotional experience.

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