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Higher Ground

Inspired by the memoir “This Dark World” in 2002, the author Carolyn S. Briggs, Higher Ground drama recounts the spiritual journey of Corinne Walker, a woman in Iowa intelligent, educated and with a curious mind, why would he want to get the bedrock on which a car accident in which he was about to lose his life fervently determined to embrace religion and join a group of ecstatic worshipers of Jesus Christ.

Corinne’s first interaction with the church dates back to childhood, when he received First Communion, but in eternal adolescence marked by conflict between her parents, which led to family breakdown, faith in God was offset by love Ethan, a guitarist dintr- a local rock band, the girl became pregnant at age 17 and who married a few months later.

After befriends Annika, Corinne devote themselves body and soul Bible study, praying daily for hours and wearing modest clothing, but when her marriage to a halt, the woman begins to doubt the justice of religious dogma in which believed passionately.

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