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My room is Sony. A lu ‘That’s Phillips. It’s almost beats, sees only ham, salami … Mine sees further, much further. My room is the focal point much stronger than any camera. See? When put like that, I focus more sky. Let Exchange box …

The man who speaks with a hand slipped through the metal bars of the prison cell window, called Gabriel Hrib. Camera talking about is actually a mirror which helps him see what happens “outside” – an “outside” that Hrib it has not seen for about 21 years.

Hrib Andrew Schwartz was the protagonist in the documentary about life in prison Rahova Jailbirds. When Hrib is preparing to release from prison after 10 years after the first shooting and 21 from condemnation, it sounds Schwartz. Time is, most often, an essential ingredient in the documentary, which contribute to refinement documented the lives and relationships of the room, including the one between director and protagonist. Romanian cinema knows no other documentary longitudinal extended for a period comparable to the project Andrew Schwartz – a film about guilt and conscience, a man who is trying to find its place in a world that does not want it and that no longer recognizes, and about a director who spend years trying to understand it.

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