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Hobo with a Shotgun

About Hobo with a shotgun it would not be said than that is exactly what is recommended to be an aggressive and bloody exploitation movie of “condition” homeless American (convincingly played by Rutger Hauer). Without money or housing, devoid of family and shattered dreams, failed in a slum populated by gangsters armed kid junkies, hookers abused, Santa Clauses pedophiles and corrupt cops, homeless grab a shotgun and begins to clean up filling the streets blood. Only someone had to take action .. To the popularity of old-fashioned B movie (premiered at Sundance Festival) have to thank first of all Tarantino’s Grindhouse revolution that sparked it along with Rodriguez and then Jason Eisner, author of one of the fake trailers that ran five premiere Grindhouse. Machete was one of five and has meanwhile become full-fledged film (even one epic) and Hobo with a Shotgun is the second that sees the light of day.

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