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Hotel Transylvania 2

When old-fashioned vampire-old Vlad reach the hotel in a makeshift family reunion, Hotel Transylvania enters a collision between old-fashioned supernatural and current fashion.

In Hotel Transylvania things have changed somewhat lately: Dracula’s strict policy that supports only monsters eased hotel, and the hotel opens its doors and people. But behind closed tombs, Dracula is uneasy because his adorable nephew, half vampire, half human, Dennis, no signs that it would be a vampire.

So while visiting his in-laws Mavis human (and is also part of a culture shock), Dracula vampire Grandpa Frank calls his friends, Murray, Wayne and Dennis Griffin to subject some special training. But no one knows that his father Drac, very old and grumpy Vlad’s about to make a family visit. When his grandson Vlad is that blood is not just that people can stay at Hotel Transylvania, things get a little crazy.

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