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How to Train Your Dragon

The studios that have delighted you with “Shrek,” “Madagascar” and “Kung Fu Panda” invite you now to embark on a joyful adventure in the mythic world populated by the powerful Vikings and unimpeded dragons.

Hiccup (Sughit), the son of the Vikings leader on the island of Berk, seems to be the weakest viking among all the inhabitants of the island, residents in a permanent war with the winged dragons. With a physical appearance not quite vanquished and with other concerns than young Vikings with him, Sughit is the target of all irony and a permanent disappointment for his fearless father. When he arrives at the age of his manhood, Sughit must kill his first dragon and show that he deserves to be his father’s son. But the home account does not match that of the fair, and Sughit gets to befriend the most feared of the dragons, who also gives her a name, Toothless (Stirbul). The unexpected friendship between the two and the adventures they live together will forever change the destiny of Berk Island …

The movie begins as the Vikings are attacked by some dragons, who came to steal all the animals and even them. During the battle, Sughit manages to knock down the most feared dragon called The Night Fury. Going for a walk through the woods, the dragon descends to the ground, bound with his weapon. He wants to kill him, but he does not have the courage and then let him go. He continues to study and notice that he can not fly because of the lack of a part of the tail. It manages to make them in the hamlet something like a tail that hardly attaches it to the dragon, who manages to fly with Sughit. All the while he is offered to train in the village with the other young men to kill the dragons. In training he manages to master the dragons very easily, to the surprise of the others.

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