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Joseph Mortimer Granville young doctor (Hugh Dancy) Assistant reach a specialist in women’s issues. Granville is the one who ends up somewhere in the 1880s invented the vibrator in Victorian England. Robert Dalrymple, the older doctor’s office which undertakes Granville is convinced that working as an assistant to a treatment to cure women of hysteria. The alleged mental disorder is not sulky and irritated state than they have women of all ages who are not sexually satisfied by their partners indifferent. Hysteria was a disease that alleged women were treated since the time of Hippocrates until Victorian England and treatment, although it was masturbation was considered a medical procedure to relieve a blocked reproductive system. Women were advised not to try to do one procedure because it was “man’s job, suitable only for husbands and doctors”, according to Avicenna, the founder of modern medicine early. Women were considered sick of hysteria when they had symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, iratibilitate, nervousness, erotic fantasies would detain liquids. Because Robert Dalrymple, the elderly doctor, who admits he has enough hands to be able to treat all patients of hysteria, his young assistant begin work on a mechanized help to heal their patients. The invention of the vibrator, which is originally called “dust off” is possible with the help of a scientist, played by Rupert Everett. Dalrymple doctor’s daughter (Maggie Gyllenhaal) is among the first women to realize that this invention mechanical means emancipation and freedom for women. Between young doctor and physician older daughter is born a romance that resembles Taming of the Shrew …

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