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I Feel Pretty

I Feel Pretty follows the story of an ordinary woman, Renee Bennett, who is confronted daily with feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. One day, after falling off the bike and suffering a blow to her head, she wakes up thinking she is the most beautiful and capable woman in the world.

Renee thinks a spell suddenly made her wonderful, except that she looks exactly the same for everyone else. With this new confidence, she is able to live her life without fear and restraint, but what happens when she realizes that her appearance has never changed? Confident, Renee suddenly advances in the cosmetics company, winning the respect of her boss, Avery LeClaire.

With its new self-confidence, it is overwhelming, and even the tendency to treat the “least genetically happy” in the same way without regard for the treatment of humans. Eventually, Renee realizes that the “spell” has been lifted, but through this process she learned that true beauty is not the outer beauty.

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