Identity Thief

Jason Bateman (Horrible Bosses) and Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids) tops the distribution of stars in this comedy about a guy with nothing out of the ordinary that might end up taking extreme measures to recover the stolen identity.

Diana (McCarthy) lives like royalty, like a princess of shopping, buying everything he fancies, because money is not a problem for her. Money, but cards that give that money come … because the name is written there is “Sandy” … and Sandy is an accountant (Bateman), who lives on the other side of America.

Accused of a crime endless, innocent Sandy Bigelow Patterson decides to defend himself, because the police are overburdened and has no interest to devote time to him. Having the only one week to give the thief who gave the world upside down, Sandy Patterson Bigelow embarks on a journey of over 4000 kilometers, just in South America, in order to confront that which now has full access to his life . Sandy will try everything: to bribe, threaten, to coerce, triggering chaos in his desperate attempts to rehabilitate his name.

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