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Inside Out 2011

Arlo is a fresh inmate released after 13 years behind bars state. His good friend Jack is waiting to release him and takes him home. Jack was married to Claire, Arlo’s former girlfriend, and have a daughter together. Arlo working for Jack’s father, Vic, who ran a kind of mafia family. Now Vic was switched to smuggling of cigarettes and Arlo hopes will help him, just as Arlo decided to give up this lifestyle. Before he definitively Arlo accompanies Jack to a business meeting where a customer had to pay him a hefty sum of money for cigarettes. Just as Jack pulls out a gun, trying to seem more important and manages to accidentally kill the one who had to give him the money. Arlo and Jack get rid of the body but they do not know is that the man killed was an informant for the charges. Now Jack must explain what Arlo’s Vic Patania and find a solution to the new problem. Arlo necessarily must find a solution to not return to prison.

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