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John Carter

Inspired by the novel “A Princess of Mars” of author Edgar Rice Burroughs, the first volume in a series of 11 which was published in 1912, SF fantasy “John Carter” has in the center of the action hero of the same name, a veteran Civil War who fought for the Confederacy and the way Indians Apaches hid in a cave, not knowing that this is a time portal and will be teleported to the planet Barsoom (Mars). Although initially Mars resemble Earth in terms of environmental conditions, thinning and drying atmosphere oceans have turned it into a region arid and inhospitable, and the epic conflict between Red and Green Martians Martians brought it to the brink destruction. John Carter is taken prisoner by the Green Martians, green barbaric creatures with four arms and with a height of 3.5 meters, but manages to escape and help Tars Tarkas Princess Dejah Thoris Red Martians and their people to confront their enemies. Realizing that victory can tilt the balance in one direction or another by the force of his hands higher and that is saving the planet Barsoom, John Carter falls for the beautiful Dejah Thoris and fighting with her.

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