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Justice League: War

Fantastic woman, a gorgeous Amazon with more victories and even disastrous to be borne by the humble citizens Washington, Green Lantern, the protector of the universe and one of the air force, watched the Bat-man, a true God of the night chased by cops of Gotham, Shazam, a very intelligent boy who can transform into a super hero through a Word, Cyborg, an american football player gets a scientifical experiment A young, Flah, the COP who takes his real struggle with evil when he uses his speed beyond human comprehension and Superman, a kryptonian under sluja of the world and the only invincible of the Earth. Apparently, they have nothing in common, although all are hated by the people around them and are feared by the world

. That is until, strange creatures are discovered making alien devices all over the world. The seven are reunited for an invasion that they will put to the test the power, intelligence, creativity and willpower.

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