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Killer Joe

Every life has a price? That is the question facing Chris Smith, a drug peddler who craves a break. When merchandise is stolen right from his mother, he must quickly get 6,000 dollars or be killed. Desperate, he enlists the help of his father, Ansel, and together make a plan. Plan: Chris’s mother, leading a life of dubious morality has an insurance policy that would not only wipe their debt. Problem: To cash policy, Chris’s mother should die.

Appears Detective Joe Cooper, a killer, passionately, with charm and manners of a gentleman. “Killer Joe” is happy to do its job, but he did not kill anyone until he saw “fee” of $ 25,000 paid in advance in full. Despair father and son, who did not pay the fee which quickly turns into despair when Joe it requires, as a condition of deferment of payment, minor sister of Chris, a young attractive and seemingly innocent. Joe will take on Dottie as collateral until Chris and his father will receive the policy and the tax will be paid in full. Everything looks very simple but it turns out not to be so.

Joe falls madly Dottie which in reality is not that sweet girl perceived by everyone. Despite the perplexities and tension in the family, Joe is determined to stay with Dottie at any price and by how their relationship grows, the greater are the regrets of Chris. Crushed doubts, Chris wants to tell Joe to renounce its services, but it is too late.

Chris goes to cash to end the disaster they caused. To his surprise, he discovers that he was fooled. Mother’s boyfriend and Dottie is not in fact the sole beneficiary of the insurance policy. When Joe comes to collect money and to separate from Dottie he receive only the news that there is no ban. Faced with a sociopathic killer nervous, Chris realizes that things c

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