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Kong Curling

The story of a champion whose obsession with sport makes it suspected mental illness and becomes locked in a hospital. But when an old friend gets sick, he does not take into account the recommendations of doctors and jumps immediately to help.

Follow the story of Truls Paulsen, who had once been curling champion and because of sports-related obsessions, comes to be suspected of mental illness, so it is hospitalized for ten years in a specialized institution. After discharge, doctors had serious drug administrations of all the time I advised him to stay away from everything that sport, including former teammates. They warns that otherwise may be part of another fall. But after learning that former coach lung cancer and that only a very expensive intervention might save Truls decide to act, helping the coach in this watershed. In addition, as is usually the national curling championship promises a gigantic prize in cash the winning team … How could he stay away?

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