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La belle et la bête

It is 1720. After its fleet shipwreck, a ruined merchant is expels the country along with his six children, including e and Belle, the smallest of daughters, a girl cheerful and gracious. After a grueling journey, the merchant discovers the magical land of the Beast, which condemned him to death for stealing a rose. Belle feels responsible for what terrible fate is preparing his family and decides to sacrifice in place of his father. Therefore, go alone to the palace of the Beast. It did not kill her, but invites every evening for dinner. As the two begin to learn things about each other, especially at night dreaming that Belle and the Beast past glimpses of his land. She discovers that the Beast story is tragic and ferocious and solitary creature was once a prince now charming. Brave as he is, Belle begins to struggle with obstacles, he opens his heart and takes issue Beast curse. And along the way discovers true love.

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