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La femme du Vème

Tom Ricks, fired a lecturer and writer who has published one novel, wants to re-enter her daughter’s life six years old named Chloé. With this thought, Tom travels to Paris and wakes up on a bus, wallet and luggage stolen and without a penny in his pocket. By staying at a hotel scruffy writer accepts a job as a night watchman whom it proposes Algerian owner, who happens to be a leader of organized crime and its passport confiscated.

Attempts to reconcile with ex-wife fails, it coldly met him, warning him that violates a restraining order and calling police. Man’s life becomes more exciting when he meets Margit Kadar, sophisticated and elegant widow of a Hungarian writer who attracts Tom in a torrid affair. Margit lover imposes a strict set of rules and bizarre meetings will take place only in her apartment in the 5th arrondissement, twice a week, at 17.

Slowly, all the people who have done wrong writer die in suspicious circumstances and police accuses Tom that he murdered his neighbor. Because desperately needs an alibi, Tom Ricks notes amorous encounters with Margaret in her apartment, only to find that the widow no longer lives at that address for 15 years.

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