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La terre outragée

26 April 1986, Pripyat, a few kilometers from Chernobyl. In this beautiful spring day, Anya and Piotr celebrate their marriage; Alexi little Valery and his father, an engineer at the plant, plant an apple, Nikola, forest guard, makes his usual ride in the woods … At this moment, an accident occurs in the central and Piotr is called to extinguish a fire. There will never return. The radioactivity transforms nature, instant affected by this disaster. Entire populations are brutally evicted. Alexa condemned to silence by the authorities, prefers to disappear …
Ten years later. Pripyat is a ghost town, ravaged by residents, no man’s land, a Pompei modern giant transformed into a holding tourist strange … Today, Anya is the guide of the area, while Valery seek his father’s footsteps and Nikolic continues to cultivate his garden Is poisoned … time will bring hope of a new life?

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