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Lady Bird

Christine McPherson, known and self-proclaimed as “Lady Bird,” is an ambitious, intelligent and talented high school student. Desiring to escape from suburban Sacramento, she dreams of a different life, full of skyscrapers in the East Coast, Ivy League universities and cosmopolitan culture. With modest notes and no other connections, the teenager needs extracurricular activities to improve their chances for a good college. His entry into the theater club leads to new friendships, first love and social life in full swing. However, coping with her critical mother and succeeding in mathematics is not as easy to accomplish. While her mother urges Christine to think practically, her father supports her to achieve her goals. Big enough to appreciate what she has, but not always mature enough to show her, “Lady Bird” realizes that life after graduating high school is not a walk in the park. With a more sophisticated approach to personal and interpersonal relationships, “Lady Bird” sails in the strange space between adolescence and maturity.

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