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Les vacances du petit Nicolas

We are at the end of the school year and I finally reached too awaited vacation. Little Nicolas with his parents and his grandmother turn sea and Beau-Rivage hotel owners in. Having achieved great, Nicolas makes friends quickly has him on Blaise, who lives there; Fructueux, he eats whatever is in front of him … even … raw fish. There are Djodjo, he talks funny because it is in England, Crépin, the boy who cries all the time, and Côme, who wants to be right all the time and is very annoying. Nicolas knows Isabelle, a girl who follows him everywhere with his eyes wide open. “How sweet are those children. I hear wedding bells in the distant future “- adults laugh. Nicolas panics! Fortunately I am close friends to help him … and make a little mess. Between seaside hotel and forest, friends and family, swimming instructor presence and Nicolas a beach attendant to share a holiday hard to forget.

Little Nicolas holiday film invites you to experience a relaxing, fun and full of adventures with your loved ones. Inspired by comics Jean Jacques René Goscinny and Sempe franchise of the 60s turned into a fantastic cinematic experience that brings together several generations of fans and their favorite childhood characters. Nicolas is free and adventurous attitude of the soul of a child, but also transmit the cultural heritage of the film Mr. Hulot holidays. Laurent Tirard director says the film we put reminiscent of comedies of Jacques Tati and the state had no care during the holidays. His magic to work with children has a strong presence on the big screen in cinemas and entices us to share the adventure of Nicolas holidays.

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