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Life of Crime

Twenty years before Jackie Brown, Ordell Robbie and Louis Gara get to know the jail, where both jailed for car theft. When Louis is released, Ordell’s got the idea to blackmail a corrupt developer in Detroit, Frank Dawson, who has millions of dollars hidden in offshore accounts.

The story becomes involved Mickey Dawson, beautiful wife of Frank, who suffered from boredom in her unhappy marriage and who was going through an identity crisis. Louis and Ordell imagine that if a kidnap Mickey and ask a million dollars ransom, Frank Dawson will not have the courage to go to the police to denounce, because her kidnappers could give him expose businesses illegal. A perfect plan, so what could go wrong?

Mickey is kidnapped and taken to the house of Richard Edgar Monk, a Nazi sympathizer and grotesque idiot, crazy weapons. The only problem now is that there is a witness at the time of the abduction, a neighbor whose name is Marshall Taylor, who just try to have an affair with Mickey. It now has a moral dilemma to recognize CMEA about to commit adultery police and provide the required information, or to give back and wait to see what happens with Mickey.

But most important is that Mickey, Louis and Ordell not know one thing: Frank just filed the divorce petition.

To make things go worse, Melanie comes into play. It’s sexy and smart mistress of Bahamas, where Frank has a secret lair. It takes control and manages to manipulate and blackmail completely hijack. Frank gives him the idea that he can not even back to Mickey, now he wants to divorce her …

Follow a series of incredible events, double betrayal, twists and a variety of situations of violence can only be the product of an imaginative minds like that of Elmore Leonard.

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