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Eddie Mora (Bradley Cooper) is a failed writer, accustomed to contemplate failure every day. From the day his girlfriend gives him shoes, that has no future becomes a certainty. But things take an unexpected turn when an old friend gives a synthetic drug – NZT. Any normal person uses only 20% of their brain capacity, but Eddie test compound allows to use it 100%. Suddenly appetite for culture shall be opened, manages to write the book in only 4 days and mathematics becomes a useful hobby. All the things you heard or read them, information that had accumulated while nascent and instantly begin to organize in mind.

With a new outlook on life and extraordinary abilities, Eddie quickly get expert financial speculation and thus attracts the attention of Carl Van Loon (Robert De Niro), one of the most powerful businessmen. But to his misfortune mogul he sees it not only as an easy way to make billions of dollars effortlessly. Soon Eddie thundering success turns into a fight for survival, metamorphosis secret resurfaces and put assassins on his trail is not the only threat.

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