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Liza, the Fox-Fairy

12 years on, a shy nurse, takes care of Marta, the widow of the Japanese ambassador in Hungary. When fulfilling 30 years, Liza goes to McDonald’s to find love. In the short time as missing, Marta is killed by Toni Tani, Liza’s imaginary friend, a former pop singer of the ’70s Liza relatives denounces the police accusing her of killing Martha to inherit the apartment. A policeman, Zoltan, Liza moves home to watch her, but soon falls for her. Liza is becoming increasingly confident and attractive as you read women’s magazines, but all the men should meet suffer fatalities staged by Toni Tani. Liza is convinced that became fairy-fox demon in Japanese stories. A fight for life begins between the mysterious pop singer Liza and Zoltan policeman.

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