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In “Locke” Hardy plays a man whose life begins to be destroyed upon receipt of a call. During the 84 minutes of the film, his face Ivan Locke is one on the screen and the movie follows his journey from Birmingham to London.

Although initially seem strange phone calls to his sons (he announces that he will not be home to watch a match with them, as it escalated calls, conversations reveal what is really happening. Locke goes to the hospital, where to stay Besides Bethan (Olivia Colman), to give birth. But Locke is not married Bethan, but with Katrina (Ruth Wilson), who is devastated when Locke tells him the truth.

Knight shows how much that usually documented for his films. Here, as Locke working in construction, all conversations on projects are arranged to the last detail, so that “by the end of the film the audience could identify benefits to C5 C6 cement”.

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