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A Lonely Place to Die

Alison, along with four friends want to climb the mountain. They were surprised to discover in the woods, buried under the ground a little girl. Not knowing English can not explain this situation in which they are. Only manages to communicate her name is Anna, and spoken language makes them realize that it is Slavic. Decide that it is their responsibility to carry it in a safe place. In time, they realize they are being chased by two men who kidnapped a little girl. They did not scruple to kill them in order to retrieve and to reach desired reward. One by one, in different circumstances all friends of Alison lose their lives. She ends with Anna in a nearby village and try to contact the authorities. Festival taking place in the village turn everything into a horror scenery. Moreover, Anna’s father sent you trying to negotiate with the kidnappers and recover the girl. They realize that the two no longer hold on Anna and do not give her any sides to use violence. Will it suits his purpose Alison and arrive safely, or will find its end as it has happened with her friends?

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