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Love Birds

Doug (Rhys Darby) lives in a perfect world of no worries and is shocked when this life “the dreamer” his girlfriend Susan (Faye Smythe) decides to no longer be part Tired of ” idealurule “him. But Doug discovers a wounded duck and chicken begin to care baptizing Pierre. This new motivation propels Doug him you found out a new journey in his life that makes him fall in love with Holly (Sally Hawkins), veterinarian, which also attaches a lot of Doug. But once his friend fauna, Pierre is lost accidentally, everything takes a new twist.

Although the path to love is never easy when everything seems simple, Susan, conquered by the new “look” by Doug wants to come back into his life. But is not it too late? The end of this sparkling romantic comedy is the “freedom” of Pierre, dumb friend who “pursued” by a motocositoare finally learn to fly …

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