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Love Child

The documentary explores the problem of increasingly high dependence on the Internet using the process of young South Koreans accused of negligent death of their daughter because of their obsession with online games. In 2010, Sarang, a South Korean baby died of malnutrition. This tragic death became an international news when it was revealed the circumstances that led to this tragedy: the parents neglected their child because of a game. Production backstage show the whole story of what became the first trial in the case about Internet addiction, a process that gave a verdict that set a global precedent in a world where cyberspace is the new reality. Valerie Veatch director creates a combination of personal tragedy and social comments, highlighting that new technology can have unforeseen negative consequences. By images Prius, the game that parents played daily by interviews with several experts, the documentary conveys that the internet can be very dangerous and it is very easy as the lines between real life and virtual reality to interfere.

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