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Madison County

Five young and intrepid students will carry out an editorial for the school paper about Damien Ewell, a killer of Madison County. For this they must consult with David Randall, who wrote a controversial novel about Damien. According to David Randall’s novel, Damien would have killed 33 people over several decades. One of the students believed to postal correspondence with the writer in question and that it awaits. Once on land Madison, five stop at an inn. Here all of them look suspicious inn and found that in fact no one waiting. One that gives an indication of the writer’s address is an old lady, the owner of the inn, but is also quite detained and seems to hide something. Then the five begin to “investigate” yet to be “hunted” by a mysterious strange-looking. In such a situation, the protagonists are forced to save each as may, if he can!

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