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Man on a Ledge

The injustice of a faulty justice system brings an incorruptible cop insane. After arriving in prison for a crime he did not commit, Nick (Sam Worthington) begins to break all the rules, his only chance is now escaping.

The real chaos begins shortly after fleeing from prison, when, shaved and dressed to the nines Nick threatens to jump off a building in the middle of Manhattan. Passersby began to panic seeing him there and send emergency police negotiator, Lydia (Elizabeth Banks), to prevent disaster.

But the terrible scene is actually a very good plan in place, and while playing the role of suicide, Nick coordinates the theft of a diamond actually 30 million dollars, which had originally disappearance in prison. It is the only way to prove his innocence and that needs the help negociatoarei. When the police manage to identify him, a SWAT team is sent into position to exterminate him and how Lydia is still not sure whose side the truth lies, Nick’s chances are weaker every moment.

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