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Mandy (2018) follows the story of Red Miller, a ruined man who hunts a religious religious sect that sacrificed the love of his life. In 1983, somewhere in the primitive wilderness near the Shadow Mountains, Red Miller fell in love with the charming Mandy Bloom. The two outsiders lead a loving and peaceful existence in an isolated cottage in the forest. However, the life that Red has built is suddenly and frighteningly broken when a violent band of sectarians and supernatural creatures pierce its idyllic paradise with a brutal rage, raping its love and leaving it to nothing. A man devastated and haunted by tragedy, Red now lives only for one thing: to hunt down these maniac villains and take revenge as quickly as possible. After his life was destroyed by an evil worship led by the sadist Jeremiah Sand, Red is catapulted into a surreal journey full of bloody revenge.

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