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Mea culpa

Cops in Toulon, Franck Simon and celebrate the end of a mission. On returning home collide with a car. Balance: two victims of a child. Franck comes out unscathed. Simon, who was driving, and drunk, out badly hurt. It lose everything. Familly life. The job of the police. Six years later, he divorced his wife Alice, Simon became attendant funds and struggling to fulfill the role of a father for his son, Théo who already fulfilled nine years. Franck, a policeman, watching from a distance on it. During a corridor little Théo will unwittingly witness a mafia settling scores. Very soon it will be subjected to threats. Simon will do everything to protect his son and found her pursuers. The partnership with Franck will recover at the same time. But this will be an opportunity for them to return to the dark areas of their common past.

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